Frustrated by clients who are constantly using your free samples and engaging with you, but are still “on the fence?” Here’s how to leverage your relationship.

Nobody likes THAT GUY that walks up and tries all the little samples but leaves the market without purchasing a single thing. You’re assuming that he just wants free stuff. Maybe he is, but maybe he isn’t… how can you discern the difference and make this relationship work for you?

Here’s how to shift your mindset about THAT GUY, and what you can actually do to leverage the relationship.

Some traffic is better than no traffic.

Would you rather be standing there talking to nobody? Engage with them in conversation, speak out loud, and have them share what they love about the product. Perhaps that social connection will help reach another passerby that would otherwise have not taken notice.

People are more likely to stop when you have an audience. Make your online community a lively and supportive place to be and more people will want to join in on the fun.

Empower your network and leads to be your biggest cheerleaders online and offline and think about ways you can enable them to do so.

Check-In. You’re making a very negative assumption about this dude. Is your opinion justified?

Maybe it’s just because you haven’t asked, maybe it’s the wrong time, or maybe he can’t afford your sausage right now but tells everyone he knows how great it tasted, and inadvertently leads to several new sales. Maybe you’re fuming that he’s taken the free sample, told you it was yummy, and then walked away, but meanwhile, his plan is to go home and make room in his fridge and return next weekend to purchase enough sausage to last all winter. You never know, until you ask.

Nurture your leads and check in about what might be holding them back from making their purchase today. Is your offer inaccessible to them in some manner? Nurturing your leads is THE most important part of the sales process. The more tasters the more people enjoying your offering, the more people saying positive things about you, the more traffic there is, and ultimately more sales there will be at the end of the day.

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