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Set-Up for Success
Digital Marketing Package

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Fractional CMO
Strategic Planning & Marketing Services

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30-Days to Branded

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Set-Up for Success Package

Project Timeline: 3 – 5 Months


Our clients come to us because they know we’ll do it right the first time. Our award-winning digital marketing creation process helps us make user-friendly and informed decisions about what will make your website great and help you stand out from the competition.

We don’t keep our strategies a secret either. You get full ownership and access to your online marketing channels and we keep the party going with online training and digital marketing strategy sessions that bring your business astonishing results.

What’s Included
5-Page WordPress or Squarespace Website

Together we create an SEO-optimized website designed to tell your story, capture leads and accomplish your key objectives.

Google Analytics Set Up

Track your metrics and conversions with ease. Discover where your website traffic is coming from and create better and more effective marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation Integration

Pop-Up and embedded forms send your prospect’s contact details directly to your favourite CRM system. Build drip campaigns, enewsletter lists, and weed out unqualified traffic.

Digital Landscape Optimization

You can build a website, but there’s a whole world of other necessary online elements to communicate your message. Sync your Social Media Channels, Favourite Resources, Referral Links and more! We look at the big picture to make sure you’re driving qualified traffic from every opportunity out there.

Landing Pages & eCommerce Set Up

Convert your leads with FREEBIE downloads and sales pages. Sell your digital and physical products with ease. Process credit card payments and get cash sent directly to your bank account. We love making websites that make you money.

Tours & Training

At the end of the project, you get full access to your marketing assets. You can decide if you’d like to move forward with DIY or have us support you through monthly maintenance or more. We provide training sessions and recorded videos so you can make minor changes and keep things up-to-date.

Fractional CMO
Strategic Planning & Marketing Services

Minimum 3-Month Commitment


Imagine the effectiveness of having an experienced strategic marketing professional on your team bringing innovative energy, exceptional leadership and training, and more than 15 years of experience building businesses, for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time CMO.

Your Fractional CMO becomes your partner in business development. You engage us in a part-time or “fractional” leadership capacity. The size of the fraction depends on your goals, but our typical CMO engagement ranges from 2 to 6 hours a week. Your CMO may work on-site, virtually or some combination of the two to help you and your extended team design, build and grow your business. Space is limited. Swank Creative Inc. currently supports up to 5 businesses annually with Fractional CMO Services.

What’s Included
Marketing Review and Optimizations Report

+ Lead to Client Conversion Evaluation
+ Audience Marketing Survey Creation
+ KPI Check and Report Set Up
+ Advertising Review and Optimization

Annual Strategic Plan Creation

+ SWOT Analysis
+ SMART Objective Setting
+ Strategy Development
+ Tactics & Key Timing Calendar
+ Key Messaging Development
+ Budget Setting
+ Media Buying Package

60-Point Checklist

We’ve compiled a list of essential practices that create thriving businesses. Within our first three months together we implement each item to ensure your business has a sturdy base for us to blast-off from.

Multi-Channel Advertising Campaign Plan

+ Traditional and Digital Media Buying and ad trafficking
+ Advertising Creative Suite developed and optimized for all placements
+ Performance Report and Evaluation

Quarterly Evaluation

+ Insights on campaign performance
+ Performance Improving Optimizations
+ KPI Update and Report
+ 2-Hour Strategy Review Session

Community Connection

+ Access to our network. We love connecting people and meet with more than 200 busy business owners annually
+ Invites to Quarterly In-Person Marketing Events
+ Office and Boardroom Use for Strategic Planning at Kwench Culture Club

30-Days to Branded Program

Project Timeline: 1 Month from Kick-Off Call


It’s about more than a logo. Define your branding identity, refine your offerings, and get everything you need to launch your business with confidence. 

We help our clients build professional-looking businesses and share their offerings with excitement and pride. What difference would a new look and feel do for you and your business? We take a collaborative approach and make this daunting task fun!

What’s Included
2-Hour Branding Strategy Session

Get dreamy about your business goals, complete our quicky SWOT challenge, define your audience, create a mood board, and discover what makes you passionate about the work you do.

Brand Development

Get in alignment, define your mission, vision, and values, discover your WHY, and get excited and energized to make your vision for this business a reality.

Branding Kit Creation

You and your team will receive high-res Logos optimized for all applications, a harmonized colour pallette, typography hierarchy, photography standards, and a unique symbol that makes you iconic.

Style Guide

Consistency is key. Provide your VAs, designers, and print production teams with easy-to-follow guidelines to appropriately apply branding to all channels.

Branded Mock-Ups

Receive up to 5 mock-ups with your branding and marketing messaging applied. Examples include business cards, promotional items, digital advertisements, signs and more.

Social Media Canva Templates

We love Canva! Receive 30+ editable branded social media & Presentation templates so you (or your VA) can look great on your digital channels and grow your audiences with ease.

Strategic Social Media Support

Project Timeline: 3 Months from Kick-Off Call


Overwhelmed with content creation? Let us take the reigns and provide you with a cohesive plan that not only looks great, but is designed to optimize your time online and convert the clients you desire.

With our comprehensive social media management package, unlock the full potential of your online presence and establish meaningful connections with your audience. Let us empower your brand to thrive online.

What’s Included
2-Hour Branding Strategy Session

Collaborate with our team in a focused strategic planning session. We delve into your brand’s identity, objectives, and audience demographics to align our efforts with your vision. Together, we outline key milestones and strategies for effective social media management.

Strategic Social Media Plan

Craft a comprehensive social media strategy customized to your business objectives and target audience. Utilizing industry insights and market analysis, we develop a roadmap to maximize your social media presence and achieve your goals.

Quarterly Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your social media performance with detailed quarterly reports. Track key metrics, analyze audience engagement, and assess the effectiveness of your strategy. Our reports provide actionable recommendations for continuous improvement.

Monthly Connection Calls

Stay proactive and accountable with monthly meetups dedicated to reviewing progress and refining strategies. These collaborative sessions ensure that we remain aligned with your goals, address any challenges, and seize new opportunities in the dynamic landscape of social media.

Content Calendar

Streamline your social media planning process with a meticulously curated content calendar. We curate your monthly schedule for posts, ensuring consistency, relevance, and optimal timing to maximize audience engagement. By organizing your content in advance, we maintain a cohesive brand narrative and capitalize on trending topics and events.

Social Media Canva Templates

We love Canva! Receive 30+ editable branded social media & Presentation templates so you (or your VA) can look great on your digital channels and grow your audiences with ease.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We take pride in our ability to cater to a diverse clientele, particularly solo-preneurs, arts and culture organizations, and real estate development ventures. Our passion lies in contributing to the growth and vitality of communities through innovative and visually compelling solutions. At Swank Creative Inc, we find immense joy in our role as creative partners, working hand in hand with our clients to bring their visions to life and contribute to the creation of vibrant and flourishing communities.

``Swank Creative offered to support Design Victoria in developing our marketing strategy for 2024. Kathryn’s deep knowledge of the Victoria media landscape was incredibly helpful in making decisions about where to market, how much to spend and what audiences to target. We are meeting regularly in the months leading up to our second edition of the festival in May 2024. During our meetings, she and her team offer ongoing accountability, strategic thought partnership and lots of encouragement and support. Although I have marketing experience myself, Swank Creative has helped me to formalize my strategy, get the support I need, and commit to schedules that we co-created. Kathryn’s experience and knowledge of the arts and culture sector have been helpful in our positioning, and it is clear how much she cares about advancing arts in the region.``

Carla Sorrell, Founding Director Design Victoria and Former Editor Douglas Magazine

``A HUGE thank you to Kathryn and Alex for putting together an amazing marketing plan for the launch of the Munro King Real Estate Team. Swank Creative went above and beyond to build and implement a brand that we are extremely proud of. From start to finish we knew that we were in great hands. Well done :)``

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 12.32.54 PM
Shane King REALTOR Munro | King Real Estate Team

``Kathryn and her team came into my life at EXACTLY the right time! I was overwhelmed with a branding contract gone wrong and wasn't sure where to turn next. Kathryn and her team quickly helped not only pick up the pieces but they went above and beyond to deliver on the branding, social media content and website design and continued to work with me until I was 110% satisfied! Kathryn and her team are professional, responsive and highly creative. I can't recommend them enough!``

Dr. Sarah Lea | She Thrives Coaching & Revive Physicians

``Kathryn is creative, strategic and an absolute pleasure to work with. She quickly figures out what’s needed for a project and starts collaborating to ensure a beautiful end product. I’m very happy with the results of the design projects we’ve worked on with Swank and highly recommend their services.``

Christine Gleed | Owner Circle Communications

``Loved working with Kathryn and her team!! It was fun, exciting, and rewarding to see them bring our brand ideas to life and to have the pieces of the puzzle all fit together. The photos from Julia were also top notch beautiful. Highly recommend partnering with Swank to bring your business to the next level.``

Aimee Burton | Be Free Financial Education and Services

``We thought we knew what we wanted and Kathryn surprised us with a unique design that exceeded our expectations and was just what we needed. Kathryn made it fun and we felt heard. It was a pleasure to work with Swank Creative and will be booking her again when it's time to work on our Business Plan.``

Sean Graves | West Coast Ethos Health and Wellness

“We were referred to Kathryn and her team after working with a larger agency in Victoria. Swank Creative Inc. provided us with the holistic approach to our marketing that we needed, rather than just focussing on a particular campaign. This involved providing us with a strategic marketing plan, refining our website and social media channels, providing immediate insights and optimizations that had a substantial impact. They also furnished us with a detailed analysis of results, editable templates, and checklists for membership renewals and event promotion, allowing us to replicate successful campaigns.

Our goal was to evolve to be more savvy and proactive about our marketing and promotional activities. Kathryn and her team have moved us forward in achieving that goal not only by designing and managing our campaigns, but by helping us develop insights and skills that allow us to leverage the advice and technical work we receive from her.

We have experienced concrete results since starting to work with Swank Creative Inc. as we claw our way back from the pandemic’s impacts. We have seen a direct relationship between our marketing efforts and our 36% year-on-year revenue growth and 51% increase in subscriptions. Most importantly, we are seeing not only the recapture of our pre-pandemic market, but the building of a new audience, with 69% of the growth represented by new audience members, and a 35% increase in our mailing list.

Kathryn's responsiveness, transparency and willingness to share her knowledge and expertise truly set her apart.”

William Jamieson | Artistic and Executive Director | Early Music Society of the Islands


Let’s start things off with a discovery call. Whether the package options above work for you or you require a customized quote, we have tried-and-true efficient processes to get you onboard and online effectively.

How long have you been a strategic marketing professional?

I have accumulated nearly two decades of professional experience working with arts and culture organizations, real estate development and luxury retail industries, and my creation of Swank Creative Inc. began as a result of my passion for strategic marketing and design. It all started during my time at the University of Alberta, where I initially delved into Visual Communication Design. The pivotal moment came when my poster design for Amnesty International was recognized as the best in class. This ignited my enthusiasm for creative endeavors. Over the years, I honed my skills through roles such as Marketing Coordinator at TELUS World of Science, Window Display Studio Technician at Holt Renfrew, Membership Coordinator at the Royal BC Museum, and Marketing Specialist for various Real Estate Developments. My journey eventually brought me to Swank Creative Inc., where I continue to channel my extensive experience and unwavering passion for strategy and design into every project.

Who are your clients exactly?


What happens if you haven’t yet worked with people in my field?

If I haven’t had the opportunity to collaborate with individuals in your specific field, rest assured that it doesn’t put you at a disadvantage; in fact, it could work to your advantage. Having worked with hundreds of clients across diverse private practices and independent industries, I’ve observed that many fields share common strategies for client attraction, resulting in a sense of repetition. This pattern often prompts me to bring a uniquely fresh perspective to your specific industry. Clients have consistently found this approach exceptionally valuable as I introduce them to novel resources and strategies they may not have encountered within their field. By standing out in an overcrowded marketplace, they become the ones who successfully attract clients.

How are you different from other "strategic marketing professionals?"

Swank Creative Inc. distinguishes itself from other marketing agencies through a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and a commitment to community building. Unlike conventional agencies, we not only provide top-notch services but also empower our clients through training, ensuring they have ownership of their marketing assets. What truly sets us apart is our ability to transform ordinary events into extraordinary experiences – from turning an Easter egg hunt into a fundraiser for Ukraine to converting a real estate open house into a vibrant neighborhood block party. We pride ourselves on doing things differently, and our exclusive focus is on collaborating with clients who share our vision of building thriving and vibrant communities. Our approach is not just about achieving results; it’s about making the process enjoyable and impactful, infusing a sense of fun into every project we undertake.

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Let’s start things off with a discovery call. Whether the package options above work for you or you require a customized quote, we have tried-and-true efficient processes to get you onboard and online effectively.