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Be Well with Kels


Be Well with Kels, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, sought a comprehensive branding suite to elevate their professional image, encompassing a fresh logo design, along with cohesive branding assets like business cards and a website. The branding concept was skillfully crafted to emanate a warm and summery ambiance, effectively reflecting the vibrant and rejuvenating nature of Be Well with Kels’ services.

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Colour Palette &
its Purpose


The warm and flowery color palette chosen for Be Well with Kels, featuring various shades of oranges, burnt yellow, and soft pinks, creates an inviting and uplifting visual experience, resonating with the essence of summer and radiating positivity. This carefully curated color scheme not only enhances the brand’s visual appeal but also evokes feelings of energy, happiness, and vitality, fostering a deeper connection with clients seeking a fresh start on their wellness journey.

Medium Carmine

Mellow Apricot


Granite Gray

Mango Tango



Logo Marks

Multi-Channel Focus

Shine online and offline with our multi-channelled approach. We provide print-optimized files and print management services so that you and your clients see consistency across all of your marketing channels.

``I didn't know where to start when I was wanting to rebrand my company. I had initially booked a strategy session with Kathryn. In that session, she helped me figure out a direction and offered to help me build out a landing page + logo. She was prompt, passionate and motivating! She continues to offer support and guidance when I get overwhelmed with trying to do ``it all``.
Recently, her team helped design my business cards and I am over the moon with how they turned out!
Thanks for helping me navigate all of this Kathryn :)``

Kelsey Certified Nutritional Practitioner