Meet Aimee

be:free Financial Services

We were thrilled to embark on the journey of crafting a complete branding package for Aimee. By drawing inspiration from nature and channeling the essence of “be:free” into our designs, we successfully created a rejuvenating logo and branding package that exudes a sense of liberation and freshness.

Logo Development, Branding Guide

Colour Palette &
its Purpose

The color palette for be:free Financial Services incorporates deep, warmer tones such as forest green and ochre, evoking a sense of stability, trust, and growth. These colors were carefully chosen to reflect the company’s purpose of providing reliable and empowering financial solutions to its customers.

Forest Green

Copper Rust

Deep Aqua




Round Logo Marks

Oval Logo Marks

We love Canva.

Our clients enjoy unlimted access to editable canva templates to support their ongoing social media needs.

Multi-Channel Focus

Shine online and offline with our multi-channeled approach. We provide print-optimized files and print management services so that you and your clients see consistency across all of your marketing channels.