The Ann Watley Group

The Ann Watley Group

Comprising Ann Watley, Jean Dunn, and Allie Hampton, has united through their extensive years of experience in the real estate industry, recognizing the value of collaboration and teamwork to better serve their clients. As a newly formed team, we provided them with a comprehensive branding suite to establish a cohesive and professional image that reflects their individual expertise while showcasing the collective strength and trustworthiness of their collaboration. This branding suite encompasses a logo refresh, color scheme, font selection, and marketing materials, empowering The Ann Watley Group to make a strong and impactful entry into the market as a united force.

Logo Development, Website Creation, Social Media Production

Colour Palette &
its Purpose

The choice of colours for The Ann Watley Group was a thoughtful blend of Royal LePage’s brand colours, maintaining a sense of affiliation and credibility within the real estate industry. Additionally, by incorporating the main colours from each realtor, the brand achieved a personalized touch, fostering a strong sense of individuality and teamwork within the group.

Royal LePage Red

Red Brick



Moonstone Blue


Gulf Stream

Logo Marks

Alternative Logo Marks

We love Canva.

Our clients enjoy unlimted access to editable canva templates to support their ongoing social media needs.

Multi-Channel Focus

Shine online and offline with our multi-channelled approach. We provide print-optimized files and print management services so that you and your clients see consistency across all of your marketing channels.