Meet Alli Munro
& Shane King

Alli Munro & Shane King

Meet Alli Munro and Shane King, a dynamic duo in the real estate world that we have recently rebranded. Recognizing the power of their partnership, these seasoned realtors have joined forces to become an unstoppable team. We are excited to have played a part in shaping their brand and supporting their journey. Munro and King’s collaboration promises exceptional service and results, and we’re thrilled to witness their success unfold in the real estate industry.

Logo Development, Website Reskin, Social Media Production, Print Production, Signage

Colour Palette &
its Purpose

Munro & King’s brand identity is carefully crafted with a predominantly Regal Blue, black, and gold color palette, accented by light blues, greys, and white. Regal Blue signifies trust and professionalism, instilling confidence, while black and gold add luxury and sophistication, highlighting premium service. Light blues evoke serenity and trust, while greys and white provide a modern aesthetic. This harmonious blend reflects timeless elegance and reliability, aligning seamlessly with Munro & King’s commitment to exceptional real estate experiences.


Regal Blue


Silver Sand



Logo Marks

We love Canva.

Our clients enjoy unlimted access to editable canva templates to support their ongoing social media needs.

Multi-Channel Focus

Shine online and offline with our multi-channelled approach. We provide print-optimized files and print management services so that you and your clients see consistency across all of your marketing channels.