Meet Dr. Sarah Lea

She Thrives Coaching

It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with Dr. Sarah Lea to establish her thriving coaching and career mentoring business as a physician. Our joint efforts in developing comprehensive course material for her clients have yielded remarkable results. We are delighted to continue supporting Sarah in her ongoing journey as a highly effective career mentor and coach.

Logo Development, Website Creation, Social Media Production

Colour Palette &
its Purpose

The bright and bold colour palette of She Thrives Coaching with Dr. Sarah Lea is intentionally chosen to represent energy, vibrancy, and confidence. These colours help to evoke a sense of optimism and motivation, which is important in creating a positive mindset and encouraging personal growth.

Cloud Burst




Sea Mist


Milk White

Logo Marks

Secondary Logo Marks

We love Canva.

Our clients enjoy unlimted access to editable canva templates to support their ongoing social media needs.

Multi-Channel Focus

Shine online and offline with our multi-channelled approach. We provide print-optimized files and print management services so that you and your clients see consistency across all of your marketing channels.