Branding Blast-Off Workshop




Enjoy 30 minutes of focused attention on blasting off your brand with industry expert Kathryn Pascuzzo. Get access to a list of all my favourite vendors, programs, software, customized worksheets, and a weekly time blocking calendar. Let’s blast off your brand, together!

6 reviews for Branding Blast-Off Workshop

  1. Laura S.

    I loved how well The Branding Blast-Off Workshop pulled so many pieces together into one clear presentation. It also got me in a motivated state of mind and feeling inspired. I really liked the list of resources at the end and a small description of each! I’d love another session 🙂

  2. Teri McCarron

    Easy, doable, action steps that made me feel comfortable and inspired to take my next steps.

  3. Robyn Land

    The creativity and authenticity you bring is infectious!

  4. Kyla Gagnon

    The information shared was clear, fun, and easily digested… I am taking away clarity around how I can show up as my brand and what I need to do next to take my business and my marketing to the next level.

  5. Wendy Chilsholm

    Kathryn is a rockstar! So many fantastic ideas and a proven track record.

  6. Keeley Koch

    Very digestible and easy to understand. Not overwhelming and accessible steps to follow.

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