She Thrives Coaching

Meet Dr. Sarah Lea She Thrives Coaching It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with Dr. Sarah Lea to establish her thriving coaching and career mentoring business as a physician. Our joint efforts in developing comprehensive course material for her clients have yielded remarkable results. We are delighted to continue supporting Sarah in her ongoing journey… Read More

Accelerated Quality Solutions Ltd.

Meet Megan Accelerated Quality Solutions Ltd. We were thrilled to collaborate with a marijuana quality assurance company, as it presented a captivating opportunity to explore and immerse ourselves in an intriguing sector that has long piqued our interest. The chance to delve into the intricacies of ensuring top-notch standards in the cannabis industry aligns perfectly… Read More

The Ann Watley Group

Meet The Ann Watley Group The Ann Watley Group Comprising Ann Watley, Jean Dunn, and Allie Hampton, has united through their extensive years of experience in the real estate industry, recognizing the value of collaboration and teamwork to better serve their clients. As a newly formed team, we provided them with a comprehensive branding suite… Read More

be:free Financial Services

Meet Aimee be:free Financial Services We were thrilled to embark on the journey of crafting a complete branding package for Aimee. By drawing inspiration from nature and channeling the essence of "be:free" into our designs, we successfully created a rejuvenating logo and branding package that exudes a sense of liberation and freshness. Year 2023 Services… Read More

Amazing Rankings

Meet Amazing Rankings Amazing Rankings   At Swank Creative Inc., we were thrilled to collaborate with a locally owned SEO & Digital Marketing Company, channeling our excitement into elevating their brand with a captivating logo design that combines a tech-inspired aesthetic with a seamless sense of flow. Year 2022 Services Logo Development, Branding Guide Colour… Read More

Level Up ADHD

Meet Dr. Danielle & Aisling Level Up ADHD We had an incredible experience collaborating with Level Up ADHD, as we embarked on creating a comprehensive branding package for their unique brand. The opportunity to design promotional items that resonate with an adult audience was particularly thrilling, and we infused a delightful retro touch to add… Read More

FINZ Resort

FINZ Resort Finz Resort, situated on the scenic Shuswap Lake, has recently refreshed its branding suite by introducing a new color palette while retaining the much-adored Fin Fish Logo Mark with minor updates. This rebranding effort is expected to elevate the resort's visual identity and appeal to a wider audience. Year 2023 Website Services… Read More

Revive Physicians

Meet Dr. Sarah, Dr. Alicia & Jennie Revive Physicians Swank Creative Inc. created a comprehensive branding guide for Revive Physicians by developing a unique brand identity and designing a cohesive visual system. In addition to this, we also created a separate brand for their retreat by utilizing elements from the main brand and incorporating them… Read More

Be Well With Kels

Meet Kelsey Be Well with Kels   Be Well with Kels, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, sought a comprehensive branding suite to elevate their professional image, encompassing a fresh logo design, along with cohesive branding assets like business cards and a website. The branding concept was skillfully crafted to emanate a warm and summery ambiance, effectively… Read More

Victoria Modern Homes

Your brand new business doesn't have to look like one. Start out looking like a pro with a brand that can grow with you. Our branding kits include all the basic tools you need to successfully launch your business. You're good at what you do... but your customer might not realize it unless your business… Read More